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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Justice (1987)
PosterDirector: James L. Conway
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton
Genre: SciFi
Runtime: 60 minutes
Rating: 5

After exhausting activities to help a human colony settle, the Entrispe crew is delighted to take the first-ever shore leave on Edo, an extremely friendly planet. Half in jest, Picard says it seems to too good to be true, an Eden-like playground. Alas, it is, for teaching native adolescents football, Wesley unwittingly commits a minor transgression in the zone where all errors suffer the single punishment: death by painless injection. Aboard, the senior officers can't work out what entity defying even the known laws of nature is facing and testing them. It turns to be Edo's 'god', who is fiercely protective of his 'children' and learned all Federation facts by reading data, so violating the prime Directive to save Wesly might arouse his fatal wrath.